Coronavirus and social media

You, along with the rest of the world, are being asked to hit the pause button right now. All over the globe, people are battling a pandemic unlike anything many of us has ever seen, and many businesses are hurting as a result. So let’s discuss how we should be pivoting in response to this novel virus. 


  1. Slow down. This is a great time to take things down a notch. Take a step back and have a look at your current practices and see where things have an opportunity to change and grow. This is the perfect opportunity to shake things up.
  2. Focus on your community. Use your outward-facing platform (social media) to focus on your community, talk to your customers, show them the human side of the business.
  3. Humanise your business. Get uncomfortable, get vulnerable. We all say that we’re all in this together, and what a great time to show your customers who are behind the brand. If people can relate to individuals behind your business, they will feel more connected to your brand.
  4. Consider creating a free offering to your audience. Most people are financially strained right now, so offer a service for free. Consider this a gift to the community which will create better relationships with your customers. Perhaps it’s a free workout class via Instagram live, maybe it’s a downloadable app, a discount code, or a giveaway! Get creative, people are happy to shout out their support when brands offer small gifts. 
  5. Most importantly, don’t panic. Remember that we are truly all in this together, and this will eventually end. Be gentle with yourself and with others that you interact with. Everyone is facing stress that may or may not be unique from yours. Be gentle.


This is a strange time, that is undeniable. It’s a good time to take a sharp pivot, be transparent and humanise your voice–most people will welcome that change and find it refreshing.