Eco-Friendly Workspace

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Dr Jane Goodall

 It is now more important than ever to work as a community to bring about positive environmental change. The Commons provides and encourages sustainable solutions to create an eco-friendly workspace. By implementing renewable energy initiatives, diverse waste management solutions and educational community events we can all work together for the common goal of boosting our collective environmental consciousness while strengthening our connections with each other.


Here are some things to consider to create an eco-friendly workspace.



Careful use of energy is a great way to limit our environmental impact. There are so many opportunities from day to day to bring mindful energy use into the workspace.

• Renewable Energy

Transitioning to renewable energy sources is an essential step to building a sustainable future for both businesses and the planet. In 2019, The Commons started supporting solar and wind technologies so workspaces can offset their daily carbon emissions and encourage further local and global change. Globally, a transition to 63% renewables by 2050 would allow emissions to stay below those outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement. Learn more here.

• Sensor Lights

Placing lights on a sensor system is a simple and effective strategy to ensure energy is only being used when necessary. This takes the worry out of the “did I forget to turn something off” feeling when you leave the office.

• Diverse Transport Options

Transport is the third-highest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia.

Workspaces can promote eco-friendly transport opportunities by choosing strategic locations for staff and clients to easily access public transport routes, bike paths and walkways. Encouraging alternative transport not only supports the environment, but it also increases overall wellbeing.


Waste Management

• Reusable Crockery

In 2018, Australians used an estimated 3.4 million tonnes of plastic. The Commons is dedicated to lowering that figure in as many ways possible. By providing members with reusable crockery you can work toward eliminating single-use plastics in the workspace.

Enjoy your brew in a Commons mug, these come with perks with local vendors providing discounts to customers using these. Filtered water on tap also means you never have to buy a plastic water bottle again.

• Recycling

 Providing diverse waste management solutions in the workspace is essential. Commons members can choose suitable waste management solutions for their needs, from e-waste drop off points to paper and cardboard recycling we ensure you have the facilities to conduct your business in an environmentally conscious manner. Check out Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You tool for information on the recycling options in your area. 

• Coffee Composting

 Collaboration is key. Seek out help from those around you and the possibilities are endless. 

We love supporting and learning from our members to provide innovative environmental solutions. Commons member, Kua Coffee, has kindly serviced The Commons Sydney office to compost our coffee waste.

• Paperless

With more and more companies turning to digital solutions for efficiency and connectivity there’s no better time to transition your business to go paperless. By going paperless you can spare resources and minimise waste. 



• Volunteering

Community is central to our mission and we know that our community extends past our doors. Get involved in your local community garden, neighbourhood clean-up initiative or donate excess food to organisations such as Ozharvest to avoid food waste and help those in need. The Commons proudly supports and participates in events such as Clean up Australia Day.

• Plants

Surround yourself with greenery in the workspace and enjoy the benefits nature has to offer, from C02 absorption, boosted creativity and reduced stress. Managing life in the workforce can often lead to a disconnect between ourselves and our natural surroundings. Take time to reflect and appreciate the plants around you, think about the role nature plays in sustaining our bodies and minds and what you can do to ensure these resources are here for generations to come. 

• Community Events

Schedule an event with your peers to learn from each other, share experience and build an environmentally conscious community. Whether it’s online or out and about there’s always more to learn from those around you. Check out the UN Sustainable Development Goals to learn more about issues you could educate yourself or others about. Remember, all walks of life have something to offer in creating an eco-friendly global community…you may know more than you think!


Go forth and use these eco-friendly tips in your workspace. We are all in this together, only as a community will we be able to achieve our common goals.


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